Himalayan Rock Salt and Its Uses

Himalayan pink salt or himalyan crystal salt is a stone-ground rock salt that may be mined in various parts of Europe or Asia, including India and Pakistan. The crystals are often off-white or pink, but may range from white to red in color depending on the iron oxide content.

Because it is unrefined, Himalayan crystal salt does not contain added iodine. The pieces are also larger in size than regular table salt. According to medical experts, himalyan crystal salt differs little from table salt in nutritional value and culinary use, though the former’s coarser grains may result in a lower sodium intake — a “teaspoon” of coarse salt, for instance, contains less salt than the same unit of fine-grain salt.

Besides visually enhancing dishes, himalyan crystal saltis also available as lamps, which feature light bulbs or candles set into large, whole crystals. While there is no scientific evidence that himalyan crystal salt lamps provide any health benefits, according to The Scientist magazine, the lamps are popular for being a subtle and aesthetically pleasing light source.